D1-002 Pull Down/ Low Row Machine

Our company is in china,we are a wholesaler specialized in sale of Lat Pulldown/Low Row Machine. as an exporter ,we have professnal staff,helping customers understand commercial gym equipment.

Product Description

Standard materials, excellent parts, strong welding, perfect spraying and scientific design not only ensure the safety and beauty of the product, but also ensure that the product is durable and easy to use, and its safety.


1.Frame:high quality steel tube

2.Screw:stainless steel#304,high toughness,high strength

3.Plug tube:high strength PE,beautiful and durable.

4.Cushion:anti-corrosion,hydrolysis resistance.

5.Pulley:wear resistance,groove is smooth,improving the pulley and wire rope’s using time.

6.Wire rope:high flexibility,wear-resistance,high strength,elongation less than four thousandths.

7.Bearing:safe,durable,environmental protection.


exercise chest muscle and arm muscle(bicipital and triceps muscle of arm)

NamePull Down/ Low Row Machine
Packing Size2220*1320*275mm
 Tube Size50*100*2.5mm
Weight Stack190pound
Main MaterialSteel Tube
PaintingTwo layered baking paint,special powder makes the coating solid.
Packing detailWrapped with layered plastic foam material and carton.
ColorBright silver tube