M1-005 Adjustable Dual Pulley System

Our company is in china,we are a wholesaler specialized in sale of the Adjustable Dual Pulley System machine. as an exporter ,we have professional staff,helping customers understand gym equipment.the Function Trainer Strength Machine belongs to commercial gym equipment.high quality and suitable angle,the commercial Dual Adjustable Pulley machine Can exercise muscles in many parts of the body.

Product Description

Standard materials, excellent parts, strong welding, perfect spraying and scientific design not only ensure the safety and beauty of the product, but also ensure that the product is durable and easy to use, and its safety.


Integrated Gym Trainer

NameAdjustable Dual Pulley System, Gym Cable Cross
NW595 KG
Weight Stack780lbs
 Mini Weight Stack2*5 lbs
Main MaterialSteel tube
PaintingTwo layered baking paint,special powder makes the coating solid.
Packing Wooden box
ColorBright silver 
Tension Ratio1:4


1.More humanized adjustment system

2.Independent movable arm, empowerment balancing effect

3.More precise muscle groups training effect.

4.Special powder makes the coating solid.

5.A various of hand positions,for more type training .


1. Two times baking paint, anti-rust, anti-knock scratches, Special powder makes the coating more solid, meanwhile, to enhance the three-            dimensional feel of the coating;

2. Tube thickness: standard 3.0mm thickness. 

3. Screw: Material is stainless steel 304, 8.8 grade, good toughness, high strength, no rust, good appearance color, high-end quality.

4. Pulley: The material is high-strength polyoxymethylene(POM), which has higher strength than high-strength nylon, better self-lubricity and        wear resistance, high bending strength, and its load bearing 120KG runs more than 1 million times without damage; the bearings in it                is Special bearing for air conditioner, good mute effect, strong and durable. Its running accuracy is very high, the axial deflection of the              pulley is 0.1-0.3mm, the radial deflection is 0.03-0.15mm, which is more than 5 times higher than most similar products; In addition, smooth      grooves will reduce wear, so meanwhile  increase the service life of pulleys and wire ropes.

5. Steel wire: Its steel core is imported from Japan and Germany and it is outsourced from French PA12. It has high flexibility, wear resistance,        high strength and high safety, and the elongation rate is less than four thousandths. Long service life, long-term use for many times without      deformation.

6. Miniature weights increase the exercise options of the trainer.

7. Bearing: THK brand fully enclosed linear bearing imported from Japan is adopted, which is safe, durable, environmentally friendly and has a        long service life.

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