SS-1018 Assist Dip-chin Machine

SS-1018 Assist Dip-chin Machine

The commercial Assist Dip Chin selectorized weight stack equipment is widely use in the Commercial Gym,our Assist Dip Chin selectorized weight stack single station equipment has beautiful design,suitable training angle. As factory, we need the wholesalers, and we will try our best to make the wholesalers to get the most profit.

Product Description

Jinao is a experienced and professional manufacturer with about 20 years production experience, offering the commercial workout equipment with high-end quality, customized business and OEM business. Welcome to contact to start your new business and market.

Product Description

JinAo Sports specializes in the production of high-end  free strength equipment and mainly serve to GYM, private training club, company fitness center and hotel gym. Jinao Sports provides one-stop services, including, site measurement, ground layout, 3D renderings, ground materials, equipment configuration, transportation, installation and after-sales, maintenance, recycling. Adhering to the principle of sincerely serving customers and focusing on product quality, we can always provide satisfactory solutions according to customer budgets.

Name Assist dip-chin machine
Size 1700*1355*2250mm
Tube Size D140*90*3.0mm
NW 298KG
Weight Stack 190 pound
Mini Weight Stack 3*5  lbs
Main Material Steel tube
Color Bright silver 
Packing Wooden box
Painting Two layered baking paint,special powder makes the coating  solid.


1.Frame:high quality steel tube

2.Screw:stainless steel #304,high toughness,high strength

3.Pulley:groove is smooth,high wear resistance,improve the pulley’s using time.the bearing is speciality used for air conditioner,durable and rugged.Pulley’s running accuracy is higher than other’s.

4.Steel wire :flexibility,wear-resistance,high strength

5.Bearing:THK brand imported from Japan ,safe,durable and environmentally friendly.

6.Cushion: special leather for high grade commercial products, anti-corrosion,hydrolysis resistance.

7.Plug tube:high strength PE,beautiful and durable.


exercise the Latissimus dorsi,biceps muscle.