SPC flooring, Stone plactic composite flooring, RVP flooring (rigid vinyl plank)

SPC stone-plastic floor, also called rigid vinyl plank flooring, is moisture-proof and waterproof, suitable for any indoor area.

Product Description

SPC stone-plastic floor, also called rigid vinyl plank flooring, is moisture-proof and waterproof, suitable for any indoor area. Thick UV layer, wear-resistant, strong impact resistance, long service life, can also be used in places with large flow of people. Environmental protection 0 formaldehyde, comfortable feet, good sound absorption effect. Fire-retardant, fire-retardant grade B1. Simple installation, no glue required.

SPC click floor structure
Wear-resistant layerPNC transparent wear-resistant layer, the thickness is about 0.3mm, the texture is transparent, the adhesion is strong, the wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, the wear resistance coefficient can reach 6000-8000 rpm.
UV layerA coating formed by curing UV oil with a curing agent to prevent the volatilization of chemicals in the board by ultraviolet rays.  
Color film layer all kinds of wood grain, stone grain, carpet grain decorative layer, which can meet different needs of different occasions and different tastes. 
Polymer base material layera composite plate made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material after being evenly mixed and then extruded at high temperature, and also has the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, so this floor has good strength and toughness .

Size(length*width)184*1220mm,228*1220mm,150*1220mm, 150*935mm, 313*620mmThe popular specification is 184*1220mm and 313*620mm
Thickness3.2mm-6.0mm.Usual: 4mm,5mm
Kg/8.3kg/㎡ for 4mm
Wear layer thickness0.17-0.7mmUsual: 3mm
Surface patternStone grain, wood grain
Testing standardGB/T4085  GB/8624 EN14372、EN649-2011、IEC62321

The packing: carton box
SPC Flooring1220*184*4.0*0.3mm12 2.6937622.5kg
SPC Flooring1226*190*4.0*0.3mm122.7952823kg
SPC Flooring620*313*4.0*0.3mm183.4930829kg
SPC Flooring625*318*4.0*0.3mm183.577530kg
Thickness:4.0mm. Wear layer:0.3mm