S1-013 Out Thigh Abductor Machine

We are a wholesaler of commercial fitness equipment in China, and we are also an exporter. Our equipment The Out Thigh Abductor Machine has a smooth curve, reasonable design, and a high degree of fit with the human body,Hip Abductor Gym Equipment making exercise more comfortable and effective.

Product Description


vastus lateralis muscle

NameInner Thigh Adductor Machine
Tube sizeD140*90*3.0mm
Weight Stack190 pound
Mini Weight Stack3*5  lbs
ColorBright silver 
PackingWooden box
PaintingTwo layered baking paint,special powder makes the coating  solid.


1.The main frame is made of 3MM thick steel pipe, and it is durable.

2.2-layer baking paint, the device is more beautiful and durable

3.Wooden box packaging, protection equipment is not damaged during transportation.

4.Our product makes the body cooperation with machine very well.