M1-001 Luxury Commercial Integrated 8 Stations

Our company is in china,we are a wholesaler specialized in sale of the commercial gym equipment. as an exporter ,we have professional staff,helping customers understand the Luxury Commercial Integrated 8 Stations.The Multi function Gym Equipment belongs to commercial gym equipment.high quality and suitable angle.The Luxury Commercial Integrated 8 Stations machine Exercise muscles in multiple parts

Product Description


1.Cushion:Anti-corrosion,hydrolysis resistance.

2.Frame:High quality steel tube.

3.Screw:High toughness,high strength

4.Pipe Plug :beautiful and durable.

   Type D pipe plug:metal material.Can achieve a perfect match with the pipe.

5.Pulley:self-lubrication and wear-resistance is good, smooth groove will reduce wear and tear 

6.Wire rope:wear resistance,high strength,elongation is less than four parts per thousand.

7.Mini stack weight:increase exercise options for trainers

8.Bearing:safe,durable,environmental protection.


  1. Easy to install and maintain

  2. High quality, professional commercial fitness gym equipment

  3. Professional motion track and ergonomic angle, Make body cooperate with machine well

Product nameLuxury commercial integrated 8 Stations
Sizemachine size:5695*4640*2385mm
NW1483 KG
Weight Stack817kgs
 Mini Weight Stack8*5 lbs
Main MaterialSteel tube
PaintingTwo layered baking paint,special powder makes the coating solid.
ColorBright silver