DM-1088 Leg Press/Calf Raise Machine

DM-1088 Leg Press/Calf Raise Machine

Our company is specialized in production of the Push The Pedal Leg And Calf Equipment,it exercises gluteus maximus,and gastrocnemius,As an experienced factory, we experienced the Commercial ,Leg Press/Calf Raise Gym Equipment, which has a high degree of fit with the human body, reasonable design, and beautiful colors.

Product Description

Product Description

Standard materials, excellent parts, strong welding, perfect spraying and scientific design not only ensure the safety and beauty of the product, but also ensure that the product is durable and easy to use, and its safety.

Name Push The Pedal Leg And Calf Equipment


Packing size


Tube size 50*100*2.5mm
NW 228KG
Weight Stack 235pound
Main Material steel tube
Color bright silver
Painting Two layered baking paint ,special powder makes the coating solid.


mainly working out leg muscle and auxiliarily working out gluteus maximus,gastrocnemius muscle.


1.Large anti-slide footplate accommodates users at different height.

2.Calf exercise available for comprehensive lower body training