FW-1037 Chin Dip Leg Raise

FW-1037 Chin Dip Leg Raise

Standard materials, excellent parts, strong welding, perfect spraying, and reasonable design not only ensure the safety and beauty of the product, but also ensure the durability, ease of use, and scientific exercise

Product Description

Product Description


Product Name: Dip Station Vertical Knee Raise, Chin Dip Leg Raise, Vertical Knee Raise,

Size: 1150*1270*2330mm       

Weight: 112KG

Color: bright silver or customized color

Tube Thickness: 3.0mm



1.Frame:steel tube (high-quality elliptical tube)

2.Screw: stainless steel# 304, high toughness,high strength, not rust.

3.Tube plug: the high strength PE, beautiful and durable.

4.Cushion: Special leather for high grade commercial products,hydrolysis resistance,anti-corrosion.



1.Excellent Special powder coating with good adhesive force

2.Cushion are covered by special leather

3.Our product are made of superior tube

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