S1-002 Chest/Deltoid Muscle Trainer

Our Company Is An Exporter And Wholesaler Specialized In Gym Equipment,The Rear Delt machine ,Exercising Chest And Deltoid Muscle.Help users have a better experience

Product Description

Users can workout with the Chest/Deltoid Muscle Trainer to safely and effectively strengthen the Rear Delt and Chest Muscle.

NameChest /Deltoid Muscle Trainer
Tube SizeD140*90*3.0mm
Weight stack190 pound
Mini weight stack3*5 lbs
Main Materialsteel tube
Colorbright silver 
Packingwooden box
Paintingtwo layered baking paint,special powder makes the coating solid.

  1. Frame:high quality steel tube                                  

  2. Screw:stainless steel #304,high toughness,high strength,never rust.

  3. Pulley:High strength polyformaldehyde,Stronger than nylon fiber,groove is smooth,high wear resistance,improve the pulley’s using time.the bearing is speciality used for air conditioner,durable and rugged.the more importance is the bearing has good mute effect.Pulley’s running accuracy is higher than other’s.

  4. steel wire :steel core imported from japan,outsourced from France PA12,high flexibility,wear-resistance,high strength,elongation less than four thousandths.

  5. bearing:THK brand imported from Japan , fully enclosed linear bearings, safe, durable and environmentally friendly.

  6. cushion: special leather for high grade commercial products, anti-corrosion,hydrolysis resistance.

  7. Plug tube:high strength PE,beautiful and durable.

Functionexercise chest muscle and deltoid muscle/rear deltoid
Applicationindoor,fitness center.


1.our product makes the body cooperation with machine very well.

2.The pulley is using High strength POM , no damage after 120KG bearing operation for more than 1 million times.

3.The groove of the pulley is smooth,which improved the service life of pulley and wire.

4.special powder coating with good adhesive force.

5.high quality steel tube and wire.