8043 Incline Chest Press

8043 Incline Chest Press

Our factory professionally design and produce the commercial gym equipment for 23 years, and we have strict request for the material and production. In order to ensure the better movement trajectory and product quality, even many accessories model are developed and produced by ourselves.We are a real producing factory, not a simple assembling workshop.

Product Description

Product Description


Product: Plate Loaded Incline Press Chest


Net Weight: 139kg

Color: white, black,red, or customized color as customers request.


Attention for Inclined Press Chest exercise:


1. Do not straighten your elbow joint when you push up the weight, otherwise it will cause damage to the elbow joint when you are exhausted.

        2. Always relax the shoulders when pushing up and restoring to avoid stress, otherwise it will cause the participation of the shoulder muscles and reduce the effect of chest exercises.

        3. The process of pushing the chest relies on our consciousness to imagine the feeling of chest exertion, because when we start to practice, even if the movement is standard, the exerted force is scattered. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on brain control to put the force point on the chest to effectively train the pectoralis major muscle.