PL1059 45 Degree Leg Press Plates-loaded Equipment

PL1059 45 Degree Leg Press Plates-loaded Equipment

Our company is specialized in production of the Plate Loaded Angle Leg Press machine.45 degree leg press machine belongs to commercial gym equipment.high quality and suitable angle, imported bearing, best spray, better leather,etc.

Product Description

Product Description

45 degree leg press machine

45 degree leg press machine exercises quadriceps and gluteal muscles with effective movements. The 45 degree leg press machine is a good overall strength and quality builder for the lower body. It is a compound exercise that mainly involves quadriceps, gluteal muscles and hamstrings. They are used as stabilizing muscles. The adjustable bottom stop provides long-distance or short-distance exercise for users of all heights, and the adjustable back pad improves comfort while optimizing the angle of the hips and adapting to various body types.

45 degree leg press machine training involves muscles

The 45 degree leg press machine is aimed at the quadriceps, which is a muscle group consisting of four heads (rectus femoris, lateral muscle, intermediate muscle and internus). This exercise involves the gluteus maximus and adductor major muscles (Inner thigh), and soleus muscle (calf) to assist in the completion of exercise. Hamstring and gastrocnemius muscle (calf) act as stabilizers during exercise.

45 degree leg press machine features | benefits

Easy to use and visible shelf mechanism

Adjustable bottom stop provides long and short range of motion for all users' height

Adjustable angle back cushion improves comfort, optimizes hip angle and adapts to a wider range of users

Auxiliary handles on the platform for easy entry and exit

Linear bearings bring smooth feeling and function

45 degree leg press machine advantage


The legs are the largest muscles of the human body. The quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles are an important part of the total muscle mass. If you adjust your back, how will you do strength training? The 45 degree leg press machine is an obvious way to get all these muscles to work-without putting too much burden on the upper body.

Use leg presses in rehabilitation scenarios-to maintain muscle mass as you recover, you need to slowly and carefully increase the load or range of motion when repairing muscle or joint damage. 45 degree leg press machine will be your best choice

Back or shoulders

Due to age and injury-unable to put a heavy-duty barbell on the back. This may be due to shoulder problems, back problems, elbow problems or all of the above, so it is the same as our first reason-for people who can’t put the Olympic barbell on their shoulders, leg press can be An essential strength building (and maintenance) exercise.

The power of older students

The 45 degree leg press machine provides them with a piece of equipment that allows them to safely and slowly build the lowest level of strength and balance so that they can use the barbell. This is because the 45 degree leg press machine eliminates all stability in the exercise-this is something you can improve with more strength. Leg press uses a lot of muscles-quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings and calves. You can target different areas by changing the width of the foot and the position on the footrest.

Bodybuilding training

Use 45 degree leg press machine to build some muscle mass. You can also use a 45 degree leg press machine for calf elevation-this is a painful pleasure

Unilateral leg training

Unilateral training-means training one side of the body at a time. After building extra strength in the 45 degree leg press machine, you can always do a pistol squat.

Perform the 45 Degree Leg Press Machine

Get close to the 45 degree leg press machine and choose a suitable working weight. Distribute the weight evenly on both sides of the lever or ski device.

Do not place 55 pounds on one side of the 45 degree leg press machine and 35 pounds on the other side; doing so will not increase your profit and may cause injury. If this is your first exercise, choose a conservative weight where you can safely lift 8 to 12 repetitions.

Before sitting on the 45 degree leg press machine, make sure that the angle of the padded back support is roughly perpendicular to the hip support. For most people, this will be the most comfortable position, but it can be adjusted as needed.

Sit on the 45-degree leg press machine, so that your back and hips are resting on the padded support area. Raise your legs and place your feet flat on the lever device or sled platform. Take a shoulder-width or slightly wider posture, with your toes forward or slightly outward. At this point, your knees may still bend slightly; this is okay because the weight falls on the safety pins.

After standing, take a deep breath, tighten your abdomen, and use your heels to push your hips and knees to full extension. Loosen the safety pin device, and then hold the handles on both sides of the 45 degree leg press machine. Holding these handles can minimize the involvement of the upper body and ensure that your back and buttocks remain on the cushion support throughout the exercise.

Start lowering the lever device or sled by bending the hips and bending the knees. Let the platform descend until the desired depth is reached, and in most cases, until the hips bend. Those who are more flexible can descend until the thigh touches the calf. You should still hold your breath and support your abdomen.

To start the elevated part of the exercise, start pushing with your heels to fully extend your knees and hips. At the top of the movement, which is usually called locking, the legs are straight but not overstretched.

Some people choose to breathe between repetitions, while others prefer to exhale during the ascent; experiment to see which feels most comfortable and natural to you. Throughout the movement, the knees should point in the same direction as the toes.

This exercise can be performed using straight line group, pre-fatigue group, descending group, rest pause group, super group, three groups, large group, pause repetition, partial repetition, forced repetition or slow negative group. As with any sport, the two most important components are high-quality form and progress. Progress can take many forms (for example, increasing weight, number of sets or reps, reducing rest time, improving repetition quality, etc.), but strive to improve every time you walk into the gym.



Name 45 degree leg press machine 
Size 2455*1485*1400mm
NW 270KG
The Starting Resistance 47KG
Main Material Steel tube
Painting Two layered baking paint,special powder makes the coating solid.
Packing Wrapped with layered plastic foam material.
Color Bright silver 

Part of 45 degree leg press machine:

1.Cushion:Anti-corrosion,hydrolysis resistance.

2.Frame:high quality steel tube.

3.Screw:stainless steel#304,high toughness,high strength, never rust.

4.Pipe Plug :high strength PE material,beautiful and durable.


bodybuilding,exercise rectus femoris and gluteus maximus


1.our product makes the body cooperation with machine very well.

2.Special powder coating with good adhesive force

3.Pretty welding

4.Developing body, improving body shape

45 degree leg press machine

45 degree leg press machine manufacturer

PL1059 45 Degree Leg Press Plates-loaded EquipmentPL1059 45 Degree Leg Press Plates-loaded EquipmentPL1059 45 Degree Leg Press Plates-loaded EquipmentPL1059 45 Degree Leg Press Plates-loaded Equipment