Will China's fitness industry rise or fall in response to the epidemic?

Will China's fitness industry rise or fall in response to the epidemic?

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Jun. 23, 2020

Will China's fitness industry rise or fall in response to the epidemic?

Fitness equipment industry is an important Subarea of sports industry. Home Fitness, fitness equipment is a necessary expenditure. In order to avoid contact with the outside world and reduce the risk of infection, the majority of people choose to isolate themselves at home, which provides a great opportunity for the home fitness equipment industry.

The spread of the epidemic, people at home, fitness demand has not reduced, fitness effect aside, indeed led to the home fitness equipment market development.

The current outbreak is comparable to the development of the fitness equipment industry 17 years ago with SARS.

Before the SARS epidemic, China's fitness equipment has been a tepid state, even if there is a certain amount of sales, expanding the market is still very difficult. In the post-epidemic statistics, 85% of consumers hope to strengthen their immunity through their own exercise, this tendency has also created a huge psychological demand for fitness equipment.

Analysis of the last two years fitness industry authoritative report, data show that the global fitness equipment market in 2018 size of 11.25 billion US dollars, 2025 is expected to total 14.8 billion US dollars. The main market of fitness equipment has gradually transferred to Asia from the developed countries such as Europe and America. Once accounting for 40-50 per cent of the global market, Taiwan's production of fitness equipment is also shifting to the mainland.

Therefore, the development of China's fitness equipment industry is rising against the trend.

Under the guidance of the "healthy China 2030" program, the number of people who regularly take exercise will reach 435 million this year. With the support of the state policy and the increase in the income level of the residents, the whole society is awakening to the consciousness of keeping fit, people's demand for fitness equipment, in the objective than in 2003 has been more biased and care.

Overall, the fitness equipment industry in the post-epidemic rebound and upward is almost predictable.