Why We Need the Cardio Equipment

Why We Need the Cardio Equipment

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Aug. 24, 2021

Cardio exercise is one of the best and most popular types of exercise people perform. It is good for our physical and mental health. When we are doing cardio exercise, the cardio equipment is essential.

The Importance of Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

Suitable for Weight Loss

One of the main reasons why people adopt a cardio exercising routine is because it can help you lose weight. Aerobic exercise is a good exercise for those who want to lose weight because it can help you burn fat and reduce calories.

Reduce the Risk of Multiple Diseases

Cardio exercise also helps reduce the risk of several deadly diseases. Aerobic exercise is a way to reduce the risk of heart attack and prevent other diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer.

Improve Vital Capacity

When doing aerobic exercise, the heavy breathing you are experiencing is actually improving your lungs. When you push your breathing ability to the limit during tedious exercise, aerobic exercise will increase your lung capacity.

Strengthen the Immune System

Cardio exercise can help your immune system fight any bacterial infections you may be vulnerable to because it changes your antibodies and white blood cells. With regular cardio exercise, the antibodies or white blood cells in your body will move around faster and gain a better ability to find potential illnesses.

Good for Mental Health

Since cardio exercise releases endorphins, another benefit is that it simply makes you feel good afterward. Cardio is a healthy way to combat mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or stress. Aside from the endorphins, as you are doing cardio, you are challenging yourself mentally. When you get into the routine of doing cardio exercise, you will start to feel better about yourself overall and improve your confidence.

Better Sleep

For many people, good sleep is difficult to come by simply because it's hard to fall asleep. When you add cardio to your lifestyle, you will begin to experience a higher quality of sleep. With cardio as part of your day, you' re sure to feel tired come the evening, which is right before going to bed. In turn, this will make it far easier to get in bed and fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

The Cardio Equipment for Your Choice


Commercial Treadmill JAT-04

Commercial Treadmill JAT-04

The treadmill is designed to allow users to walk, jog or run indoors. Treadmills have been proven to burn more calories per time spent than many other cardiovascular machines that are similarly categorized. The versatile workout that treadmills offer, such as the walking and running options, as well as the option to do either on an incline or decline. The treadmill also offers a constant speed option, allowing users to perform exercises that are ideal for maintaining a high heart rate. Exercising on cardiovascular equipment is also a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and reduce symptoms related to depression, while improving cardiovascular endurance and sustainable endurance.

Rowing Machine

water rowing machine

water rowing machine

Rowing machines use the entire body to mimic the action of rowing a boat. Because the movement uses multiple muscle groups, they increase heart rate and respiration—making it an ideal piece of cardio equipment for fat burning. To burn the most calories using a rowing machine, try exercising at a higher stroke rate. This helps increase aerobic intensity.

Cardio Bike

Air bike

Air bike

Although outdoor cycling is a great sport, the indoor Cardio Bike allows you to better control your speed and difficulty level. To burn the most calories on a stationary bike, change the intensity of your exercise every once in a while. High-resistance pedaling and fast, low-resistance pedaling alternately trigger post-oxygen consumption, which enables the body to continue to burn calories even after the exercise.

Stair Trainer

JAS2-003 Stair Trainer

JAS2-003 Stair Trainer

Another effective piece of cardiovascular workout equipment is the stair trainer. The stair trainer mimics the action of walking up stairs. This machine offer a more challenging workout than a treadmill, and may cause individuals to become fatigued much more quickly which can directly result in more calories burned during a workout.

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