What are the Pilates Equipment

What are the Pilates Equipment

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Apr. 07, 2022

Mr. Pilates has designed more than 20 different types of equipment, many of which are still popular today. Many Pilates equipment uses springs of different sizes and tensions. The springs are at different heights and angles, and are attached to brackets, bars and hooks. Each equipment has a special resistance. Some equipment supports full-body movement, while others require stabilizing one part of the body while coordinating the movement of other parts.

 Pilates equipment and some small training tools constitute a professional Pilates studio. Today, we bring you the most classic 5 Pilates equipment

      The Reformer helps people practice with slide beds, springs, pedals, straps, and more. These devices can not only help students find the feeling of their bodies, guide their bodies to move on the correct track, but also provide different levels of training based on their physical conditions; at the same time, they can provide protection for students when necessary. It is A "universal bed".

The Reformer core bed after installing the box, and many prone and sitting movements can be done.

With the help of some equipment (such as towers, boxes, springboards), the core bed can be transformed into different ways of use.


    Trapeze Table, a swing stand, is also a Pilates device that often appears in the public eye. The function of Trapeze Table is also very powerful, and the user can exercise through the "swing" on the bed frame. With the change of the setting of the swing and the spring, users can change various movements on the swing frame according to their own needs!


     A Pilates chair is an ingenious piece of equipment with pedals attached and linked by springs.

 By using this chair, the user can fully train the control and strength of his limbs according to the different body positions.

      Similar to the ladder barrel, the biggest feature of the Spine Corrector is this curved shape, and one of the major advantages of the Spinal Aligner is that it is lighter and can be placed on a yoga mat, Reformer, and Trapeze Table. Extend your spine in a supine or side-lying position.

Barrels of different heights and curvatures to support the body within the range of spinal flexibility with an emphasis on safe spinal extension

      Ladder Barrel, the most notable feature is the ladder on one side and the "barrel" on the other side. Because of the curved shape, ladder barrels are often used to stretch the spine. Standing, stretching, hanging, climbing, etc. can all be performed on the ladder barrel, and its unique height and design support a considerable range of motion.