How To Use 45 Degree Leg Press

How To Use 45 Degree Leg Press

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Oct. 14, 2020

Which muscles to exercise by 45 degree leg press?

 The 45-degree leg press mainly exercises our legs and hip muscles, because in the process of pushing up the machine, our leg muscles are mainly used, which has a good stimulating effect on these muscles. Regular exercise can feel our leg muscles become tight, but we need to stretch after completing the action, so that it is not easy to strain the leg muscles. The buttocks muscles are mainly in the process of recovery, our buttocks can feel obvious tightening, so that there is a stimulating effect, which can effectively exercise the buttocks muscles.

How to use the 45 degree leg press?

   Lean on the long board of the machine, bend your knees forward, and let your feet rest on the baffle of the inverted pedal.

There are many ways to place the feet. The standard is to place it in the middle of the baffle. We can also choose the middle or lower. The distance between the two feet can be wide or narrow. The placement of the feet is different, and the natural exercise effect is also different.

  At this time, choose the placement position of the foot. At this time, our legs can be forced forward to straighten our legs. Then slowly recover the movement until our legs return to a natural relaxed state. Complete 30 kicks at once.

1. Two Leg exercise method

   Legs exercise is the most direct way for us to use the 45 degree leg press machine. At the beginning, we lie on our back on the inverted pedal. At this time, we bend our knees so that our feet can rest on the baffle of the inverted pedal. At this time, we adjust our physical condition to ensure that this posture is more comfortable. At this time, we took a deep breath, exerted force, and allowed our legs to kick diagonally upwards until our legs straightened. Then we slowly retracted the action, adjusted and started again. Mainly in the process of retracting our legs, our buttocks are pulled up, which can have the effect of training buttocks.

2. Single leg exercise method

This action requires us to lie on our side on the inverted pedaling machine. At this time, the legs are stacked together, the lower leg is tightened, and the upper leg is bent forward and rests on the baffle of the inverted pedaling machine. At this time, we use this leg to exert force with one leg, so that the inverted kick machine can be kicked out. Until this leg is straightened, we restart the movement, complete 20 times on one side and then change the other side to complete the movement. The difficulty coefficient of single-leg exercise is greater, and the same exercise effect can be better.

The attention of using 45 degree leg press machine

 We must ensure that our body is in a balanced state when using the machine to train the buttocks, and the body cannot lean to the sides, otherwise it is easy to get injured. Especially when our legs are pushing forward, we need to push forward in parallel. We cannot open our legs to the sides or clamp the legs to the inside, otherwise our legs will be easily strained. Similarly, only the movement is in place can it have an effective exercise effect.

What are the benefits of the reverse pedal machine

   This machine mainly exercises our quadriceps, which can effectively strengthen the muscles on the front of our legs. It is a basic leg exercise. Because the quadriceps is the most important muscle for our body, it is a muscle that must be trained during exercise, which can effectively enhance the strength of the legs and allow us to perform other movements better, so we need to complete this movement carefully. At the same time, this action has a certain effect on our hip muscles.