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China's Hebei epidemic has achieved a major victory

Feb. 29, 2020

Finally, after more than two months of hard work, China has basically controlled the development of the epidemic, and has made significant and overall achievements in the control of the epidemic. Except for Hubei in China, other provinces in China have basically no new patient. China's domestic epidemic is approaching the end. China is currently implementing a policy of gradual resumption of production and work.

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From 25th,Jan, because of novel coronavirus(COVID-19),Hebei Province implemented a home isolation policy. The Chinese people actively responded to the government's measure and cooperated with various measures taken by the government. Finally, there were no new patient founded on February 29. By March 23, Hebei has had no new case for 24 consecutive days. All confirmed cases have been discharged.

Since March, the government has gradually restored economic order. By March 23, various industries have begun operations and the economy has returned to normal. People's lives have begun to return to normal.

China's Hebei epidemic has achieved a major victory