Benefits of Plate Loaded Equipment for Gyms

Benefits of Plate Loaded Equipment for Gyms

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Nov. 17, 2021

Gym and fitness facility operators always want to keep their equipment low cost and high end quality. Plate loaded equipment meets this criteria because it is affordable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, functional and of the highest quality.


Plate loaded equipment symbolizes power

Plate loaded equipment symbolizes the power of your club, it mimics true strength and brutality. Today, gym members have high expectations for sturdy equipment that delivers results for them. Plate load equipment provides aesthetics and functionality to make your facility fully cohesive.

Plate loaded Hack Squat


Multiple Uses

You can reuse weighted plates by using them with other fitness equipment in your gym. They can be used with bent over barbells or Olympic barbells for deep squats and hard pulls, not to mention some shoulder, chest and core exercises that only require these plates.

Plate chest presses are an excellent option for purchasing additional free weights. Alternatives to plate-loaded exercise machines do not offer the same level of value for money and are not suitable for other workouts, such as machines that use weighted plates. Instead, they force workouts with pre-determined loads that change via pins, resulting in less flexibility for the user.


Exercise with Hack squats

Low Maintenance

There is nothing worse than equipment that fails on a gym floor. Because of the way slab-loaded equipment is manufactured, it is rarely inoperable because it usually has only one bend point and no pins or cables. Gym operators understand that machine downtime for maintenance means less equipment available for customers and fewer happy customers on the floor. 

It can also give facilities the idea that they don't care about their members or are not taking care of the machines responsibly. On-board equipment theoretically solves the maintenance problem because these machines rarely break down, resulting in consistent machine operation and satisfied customers.


Gym operators must calculate how much time and effort needs to be spent on each piece of equipment in their facility. And good gym operators understand all of the above factors that need to be considered when purchasing gym equipment. Finally, the plate load series is one of the best solutions for strength settings in a facility.