Barbell Weightlifting Exercise

Barbell Weightlifting Exercise

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Sep. 04, 2020

Sumo Deadlift

       Which Muscle group Sumo deadlift exercise?

  Sumo Deadlift  Mainly training legs and hips,the back muscles,the core abdominal muscles,arm muscles, palm muscles,Shoulder and trapezius training.


    How to exercise Sumo Deadlift?

   1. At the beginning, place a loaded barbell on the ground. Approach the barbell so that it runs across the top of the middle of your feet. The feet should be far apart, close to the roller ring of the instrument. Bend your hips to grab the barbell. Your arms should be directly under your shoulders and between your legs. You can use a forward grip, a forward grip or a hook grip. Relax your shoulders and extend your arms.

  2. Take a deep breath, lower your hips, head straight forward, and straighten your chest. Push to the ground, spread your toes, and place your weight on the back half of your feet. Stretch your hips and knees.

  3. When the barbell is over your knees, lean back, bring your hips close to the barbell, and bring your shoulder blades together.

  4. Bend the hips and put the barbell back on the ground in a controlled manner.

     How to exercise traditional deadlift

   1. Feet should be shoulder-width apart, the barbell should be close to the front of the calf, the shoulders should sink and tighten backward, the lower back should be tight and straight, the elbows should be close to the knees, and the shoulders should be directly above the barbell.

  2. Pull up the barbell with the heel pedal, tighten the hips after the barbell crosses the knees and stand up straight. The barbell moves against the thighs and calves. After pulling up, the shoulder blades retract to clamp the hips.

  3. Keep your back straight, squat down and drop the barbell to the ground.

     The difference between sumo deadlift and traditional deadlift

   1. Standing position-the position of the feet and legs

   When doing a traditional deadlift, your feet are shoulder-width apart and your arms hang down on your sides; when doing a sumo deadlift, your legs are greatly separated and your arms hang down between your legs.

   Compared with the traditional deadlift, another advantage of the sumo deadlift is that it shortens the distance the weight moves. Because the trainers' legs are separated more widely, their hands are closer to the ground at the end of the action, which shortens the distance of the weight by an inch or two.

  2. Differences in exercise parts

   Sumo's leg force is much stronger than the back.

   In traditional deadlifts, the legs and back spend half of the strength. Many trainers use more back strength, especially those with insufficient leg strength. Bodybuilders even regard deadlifts as a kind of back training. Sumo deadlift relies mainly on the strength of the legs and hips.

   Sumo deadlifts are usually more popular with female trainers, because women have stronger leg strength than back strength. Some male trainers also prefer sumo deadlifts. Some people want to make more use of their leg strength, and some people are more adapted to this technique. Some people with longer legs will find it uncomfortable in the traditional deadlift position, and it is easier to use the sumo deadlift position.

         Barbell upright rowing

     Which Muscles the barbell upright rowing trains?

  The barbell upright rowing mainly trains the side deltoid and trapezius muscles. It can also exercise the front deltoid, infraspinatus, supraspinatus and teres minor.

    This movement mainly trains the deltoid muscle when using a wide grip barbell, and the trapezius muscle when using a narrow grip. Barbell close to the body training mainly stimulates the side of the deltoid muscle. When the barbell is lifted in an arc along the front of the body, it mainly stimulates the front part of the deltoid muscle. The front bundle of the deltoid muscle participates in exerting force. When the elbow is raised above the shoulder, the trapezius muscles do work and stimulate the trapezius muscle.

        How to exerciseBarbell upright rowing? 

   1. Stand naturally, hold the middle of the bar with the back of your hand forward, the grip is slightly narrower than the shoulders, and the arms hang down in front of the legs.

        2. Hold the bell and slowly lift it close to the body, with both elbows always at the top of the handshake; until it is pulled up to a level close to the front of the neck, stop for a while; then, follow the same path and slowly lower it close to the body until it hangs down in front of the leg; repeat.


       Barbell upright rowing attentions

      When we are doing the lifting action, we need to keep the palms facing down, and pay attention to the width of the opening of the feet and shoulder width; and we need to keep the head stable, look forward with both eyes, lock the shoulder blades to keep the chest up ; Need to pay attention to the height of the elbow is always higher than the height of the barbell; finally when we are training, we have to choose a wider distance, so that it can better stimulate the trapezius muscle.


   Romanian Deadlift

   Which muscles the Romanian Deadlift Exercise?

        buttocks, leg hamstrings, back.

  How to do Romanian deadlift?

   1. Starting posture: Grasp the barbell firmly, the grip distance is slightly larger than the shoulder width, and the distance between the feet is slightly larger than the hip joint. Lift the barbell from the fixed hook and take a step back carefully.

      2. Action essentials: Keep your knees slightly bent, tighten your hips, and keep your back straight. From where you concentrate your weight to below your knees, keep the barbell as close to your body as possible, so that you will feel your thighs and lower back There is a strong sense of stretch. Don't use explosive force to quickly pull up the barbell. When you pull up the barbell, stretch the muscles of your buttocks and return to the original position. During the completion of each movement, pay attention to exhale when exerting force, and inhale at the completion of each movement until you have completed the number of times you need.


      Romanian deadlift common mistakes

   Error: The knee did not bend when lowering, and it made a straight leg deadlift.

  Solution: When lowering the hips to sit back, the knees bend slightly, but the calves are fixed.

   The difference between straight leg deadlift and Romanian deadlift

   The first thing to say is that the two actions are different. Secondly, the use of strength is different. The Romanian deadlift does less exercise for our quadriceps, but if you want to exercise the hips and hamstrings, you can choose the Romanian deadlift. Straight leg deadlifts have greater requirements for our strength, and can stimulate the hips, quadriceps and hamstrings, and even have a certain exercise effect on our latissimus dorsi. It is more difficult but more effective.