University GYM

University gym area is usually 300-2000 square meters. University gyms require equipment to be durable and easy to operate. There are more aerobic equipment and some simple power equipment. You can put more single- or dual-function equipment. At the same time, the University gym also needs to pay attention to sports, such as basketball courts and table tennis areas. Usually there is no private training area, so more exercise equipment can be placed.

Take the university gym of 1500 square meters as an example (about 800 square meters is the basketball court and table tennis area), the configuration is as follows:

Elliptical Bike4-5pieces
Rowing Machine2-3pieces

Strength Machines
Dumbbell Stand2 pieces
Weight Plate1set
Barbell Stand1piece
Barbell Bar2-3piece
Dumbbell Bench2-3piece
Flat Bench Rack1piece
Deep Squat Rack1piece
Abdominal Bench2-3piece
45 degree leg press1piece
Incline Chest Press2piece
Shoulder Push Machine1piece
Lat Pull Down Machine1piece
Chest / Deltoid Muscle Trainer1piece
Seated Calf Raise1piece
Low Row Machine1piece
Chest Shoulder Push Machine1piece
seated Lat Pull 1piece
Inner Thigh/Outer Thigh Training Machine1piece
Biceps Press/Triceps Training Machine1piece
Seated Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl Machine1piece
Under The Muscle1piece

GYM Flooring Products
Cardio AreaCommercial PVC Flooring,Homogeneous Flooring,SPC Flooring,Steel Plate Pattern Flooring
Strength AreaCommercial PVC Flooring,Homogeneous Flooring,SPC Flooring,Steel Plate Pattern Flooring
Free Weight AreaRubber Mat
Basketball CourtPVC Sport Flooring
Table Tennis AreaPVC Sport Flooring

University GYM