Star-rated Hotel GYM

The gyms at star-rated hotels are usually between 100-300 square meters. The hotel's gym is mainly used for travellers. The passengers use the gym equipment in a short time, and there is no long-term fitness plan. The main purpose is to eliminate the fatigue of the journey. The hotel gym is recommended to be equipped with high-end aerobic equipment and simple strength equipment.

The following takes a 150 square meter hotel gym as an example, usually configured as follows.

Treadmill4-6 pieces
Elliptical Bike2-3 pieces
Recumbent cycle1-2 piece

Strength Machine
Adjustable Dual Pulley System1piece
Dumbbell Exercise Bench2-3piece
Dumbbell Rack1piece
Smith Machine1piece
Abdominal Exercise Bench1piece
Military Bench1piece
Seated Row1piece
Chest Press1piece
Shoulder Press1piece

Flooring Material
Cardio AreaCommercial PVC flooringHomogeneous FlooringSPC Flooring
Strength AreaRubber Mat Flooring

Star-rated Hotel GYM4