Public Institution Training Room

Public Institution Training Room

The gym of public institutions is usually 50-200 square meters. Institutional gyms include bank gyms, military and police gyms, literary gyms, sports authority gyms, hospital exercise centers, academy gyms, and health unit gyms. The unit gym is relatively small.

Taking 80 square meters as an example, the configuration is as follows:

Cardio Equipment
Elliptical Bike1-2pieces
Rowing Machine1-2pieces

Free Weight Machine
Dumbbell Stand1piece
Dumbbell Bench1-2piece
Smith Machine1piece
Adjustable Dual Pulley System1piece

GYM Flooring
Cardio AreaSteel Plate Pattern Flooring,Commercial PVC flooring,SPC Flooring
Strength AreaRubber Mat

Public Institution Training Room 7