Private Training Studio

The area of private training studios is generally 150-400 square meters.

 Nearly half of the private training studios are private parishes, the ground is mainly paving functional PVC flooring, exercise equipment is mainly personal training tools, assisted with a small amount of aerobic and power equipment. Private teaching studios mainly focus on coaching classes.

Taking a 300-square-meter studio as an example, the configuration is as follows:

Elliptical Bike1-2piece
Rowing Machine1-2piece

Strength Machine
Dumbbell Rack1piece
Fixed Barbell1set
Fixed Barbell Stand1piece
Adjustable Dual Pulley System1piece
Dumbbell Bench1-2piece
Abdominal Bench1piece
45 degree leg press1piece
Bicep Curl Bench1piece
45-Degree Hyperextension1piece

Flooring Material
Cardio Equipment AreaSteel Plate pattern Flooring,Commercial PVC Flooring,SPC Flooring
Strength Equipment AreaRubber Mat
Private Training AreaPVC Functional Flooring or

Private Training Studio