Large Commercial GYM

Large Commercial GYM

Commercial gyms usually have an area of 1000-2000 square meters. The area of the commercial gym is relatively large, and have more the customers with different training demand,so, the purpose of exercise is diversified. Therefore, the gym equipment configuration tends to be comprehensive to meet people with different exercise needs.

Tacking 1000square meters as the sample:

Cardio training equipment
Elliptical Bike4-5piece
Wind Resistance Rower3-4piece
Recumbent Cycle3-4piece
Spinning Bikes15-20piece

Strength Machine
Chest Training Machine2piece
Chest Shoulder Push Machine1-2piece
Back Muscle Training Machine2piece
Seated Leg Extension Machine1piece
Rear Kick Machine1piece
Abdominal Trainer Machine1piece

Free weight machine
Dumbbell Rack1-2piece
Smith Machine1piece
Adjustable Dual Pulley System1piece
Cable Crossbar1piece
Flat Bench Rack2-3piece
Weight Plate Rack1piece
Weight Plates1set
Dumbbell Bench1-2piece
45 Degree Leg Press1piece
AB Bench1piece

GYM flooring system
Cardio Area FlooingCommercial PVC Flooring,Homogeneous Flooring,SPC Flooring,Steel Plate Pattern Flooring
Fixed weight Machine Area FlooringSteel Plate Pattern FlooringHomogeneous Flooring,SPC Flooring,Commercial PVC Flooring
Weight Plate Area and Functional Training AreaRubber mat, Rubber Rolls
Personal Training AreaFunctional PVC Flooring,Artificial grass flooring
Spinning Bike RoomSteel Plate Pattern Flooring ,SPC Flooring
Yoga RoomSPC Flooring,Wood Flooring

Large Commercial GYM 2

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