Enterprise GYM

Enterprise GYM

Company gyms usually have an area between 30-200 square meters. The company gym is an exercise and leisure place for employees, the purpose is to improve the physical fitness of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise. Therefore, the equipment configuration of the enterprise gym is mainly aerobic and leisure. Taking a 100-square-meter enterprise gym as an example, which is usually configured as follows.

Cardio Equipment
Spinning Bike2-3pieces
Elliptical Bike1piece
Abdominal trainer/Foldable AB coaster1piece
Water Rower1piece

Strength Equipment
Dumbbell Rack1pieces
Smith Machine1piece
Dumbbell Bench1piece
Weight Platessome
Cable Crossover1piece

Cardio Area1. Steel Plate pattern Flooring 2. Homogeneous Flooring or Commercial PVC flooring 3. SPC Flooring
Strength Equipment AreaRubber Mat or Rubber rolls

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